Kick your own But!

October 7, 2008 § Leave a comment

In the previous post we considered the benefits of shedding our shoulds.

Next is what I call “Kicking your But.”

When you say but, as in “I really appreciate your offer BUT I don’t need any help with this project,” everything that comes before the BUT is entirely negated. It is as if you never said it, or at least, you didn’t really mean it.

The word BUT eradicates all that came before it, leaving only the idea after it. This, too, we’ll explore again, so for now consider this:

In Improvisation actors learn to use AND to accept and build on what their partner says. Improv won’t work if the actors try to negate what each other says, they have to accept it and move the entire idea forward.

I’d say that’s a pretty good template for life, don’t you think? Accept what happens and then work to build on it, to improve it however you can. There are always two choices in life: we can choose to be negative or we can choose to be positive. It is entirely your own choice.

By choosing the positive path–choosing to use words that build and set in your mind ideas that foster behaviour that leads to action that is in a positive direction–you are choosing to turn your life toward your goals and toward your dreams and move full steam ahead!

You WILL find things go more smoothly in most cases, AND it can have interesting effects on the people around you.

So, all together now, repeat after me:

Let’s Kick Some BUT!


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