Words for 2014

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Happy New Year! For celebrating the solar new year January 1, this is slightly tardy. However the saving grace for we who like to celebrate often is the lunar new year which falls on January 31 this year. Either way, the year is still new.

With each new year I like to choose a word, or words, that will embody my intended feeling for the year. I often do this for a new day or week as well, it’s a great way to keep your vision clear in your mind. In 2012 the energy I felt for the year was BOLD! In 2013 a number of words came forth including Resourceful and Resilient. Once I found my word(s), or once they found me, I would choose a font and colour that felt appropriate and print them out for display beside my desk in a beautiful frame that I love.

If you choose to do this for yourself this year, choose a frame that works for you, that grabs your attention or fades back and puts the words in the foreground, the point is that it speaks to you and fits your vision. You may choose a different frame next year, you may use the same one. There are no rules for this, it is your choice. If what I chose to do sounds good to you feel free to follow along. If it elicits strong feelings that you want something different from what I did, follow that. Your path is your own, it only makes sense that the sights you see along your path are also of your choosing.

So, what happened in 2014? Well two words came up to me, stared intently into my eyes and insisted that they were my words for this year. I agreed and off we set. The first word is Serendipity. Not one I accepted unquestioningly, but after reading the definition I understood why it demanded to be recognized this year. It refers to making fortuitous or fortunate discoveries by accident. Finding the silver lining you didn’t know you were looking for, in a way. I extended that definition to include finding something beneficial by first making a mistake. I like to think that the benefit of serendipity kind of requires me to make mistakes, since that frees me from the yoke of unattainable perfection that holds many of us from the beauty and joy we seek.

The second word that found me came only seconds later… Peace. I think of it as being at peace with making mistakes and finding peace in recognizing the opportunities that serendipity presents.

I know I’m stretching the definitions a bit, but that’s the wonderful thing about choosing your own words for your year, it doesn’t matter so much what the dictionary says they mean, it matters what feeling they evoke for you. So take your time to find your words, sit with them and see how you feel. Once you find your word for 2014, I encourage you to print it out or write it in your own hand, using lettering and colours that have meaning for you. Then put it somewhere you will see it often, more than one place if you like, and enjoy the view as you move along your path this year.

Here’s to making 2014 the year for trying lots of new things, exploring ideas, pushing boundaries, making lots of mistakes and recognizing those wonderful moments of serendipity when they happen.

Happy New Year!


DPP 2012 Day 5

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Somewhere in the ether-world is my photo. When it lands I will post it here.
Until then I shall say that on this Day 5 of DPP 2012, JOY is… my theatre ticket to see A.A. Milne’s Mr. Pim Passes By.

Intuitive Storage Space

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A wonderful thing happened a few months ago, I discovered Inspired Home Office and entered the wonderful world of Jennifer Hofmann. If you have a home office and would like it to be even more inspiring for your creativity, I encourage you to hop on over and check out IHO today, there’s some great energy going on!

A small drawer unit in my office was becoming a well-organized space and had a nice clean facade of unlabeled drawer fronts. After a few weeks of using intuitive memory to find the drawer that housed the item I was looking for, I decided labels could be a fun part of the look of the piece. Instead of plain typed labels I used a combination of fun fonts (hand written), wonderful colours and intuitive language to create labels that spoke to me of what had found its home inside each drawer.

Lower drawers

The lower three drawers in the unit.

Drawer Labels - Mind, Body, lightning bolt

Top drawers

2012: The Year of Alignment

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My word for 2012 is ALIGNMENT. Alignment in my life, in my work, and with my clients. Alignment of all I do with who I am at my heart. My True Self.

A few years ago a Japanese housemate introduced me to a wonderful New Year tradition. Instead of staying up past midnight to welcome the year with noise and a lack of sleep, her family would rise pre-dawn on January 1 and go out to watch the sun rise on the new year.

Beautiful. We did that with her that year. Unfortunately then, as it will again this year, though we stood shivering with both the cold and the excitement looking east over a snow-blanketed golf course… the day dawned behind a veil of clouds. We watched the sky grow lighter and we laughed at the fun of being the only people up and about outside at such an hour on New Year’s Day.

Still, the beauty of the idea stays with me to this day.

I welcome this year with open arms, open heart and open mind. I welcome the new life that I am creating in alignment with my true Self each day, beginning this day.

May you have a wonderful and wonder-filled 2012.

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