DPP 2012 Day 13

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(#DPP2012)  Joy today came from channelling my inner 8-year-old and exploring a fun creative outlet: snowflakes!

And yes, that is my attempt at a Vader flake you see in the corner. Extra special fun! Let Joy find you wherever you are.

DPP2012 Day13 Paper snowflakes


DPP 2012 Day 12

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Joy. The sources are many, but for me language and it’s myriad uses is often one of them. Today, I picked up my new favourite book–Foyle’s Philavery by Christopher Foyle–and pointed at a page at random. This is the word I found there:

2012-12-11 DPP2012 Day 12 grinagog

A grinagog is someone who is always grinning, especially foolishly and without reason. It made me laugh out loud so I felt it was the perfect subject for today’s photo.

Funny thing is, when I mentioned this to someone later in the day, they recalled knowing people like that. Fascinating.

DPP 2012 Day 11

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I always adore how everything sparkles when a bright sunny day follows a day of freezing rain. Turns out I also love macro photography, like the close up that shows all the bubble and fissures in this drop of ice on my car. So beautiful in the afternoon sun, such Joy to see!

DPP 2012 Day 11 - IceDrop

DPP 2012 Day 10

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#DPP2012 Day 10 was a grey day, but with freezing rain comes ice-coated branches and clothes lines and everything is transformed. The surprise here was the effect of the camera flash on the ice that formed on these leaves. To the eye it was a uniform coating. When the flash hit it it showed the pebbles left by each drop where it fell and froze. Each winter when we get freezing rain I avoid the roads but do love the look of the most mundane things sparkling like diamonds. So today, this was Joy!

DPP 2012 Day 10 - Freezing rain - Diamond rain small

DPP 2012 Day 9

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Well, it wasn’t a day with Joy so much, but even when true joy eludes me for a day, there is always gratitude. For small things, for people (small and tall!) and for experiences. Sunday, aka #DPP2012 Day 9, I was grateful for a lovely cup of mint green tea in my beautiful new mug. Warm and wonderful. The mug makes me smile each time I see it.

DPP2012 Day 9 beautiful mug of tea

DPP 2012 Day 8 rethink

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Ok, so saving the lanterns from the snow was fun and I’m happy they’re drying out. But the REAL Joy of this day was had much later at night. A friend is in the local gospel group Voices of Praise and tonight I finally made it out to see a performance. They were so great! The photo’s not great (phone cam, no zoom, awful lighting) but the energy certainly was. This was a dose of JOY that will last me for days. Thanks VoP!!!

DPP 2012 Day 8

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No, I didn’t forget yesterday, just couldn’t really come up with any thing that brought me joy. Some music did, and some thoughts of wee loved ones, but nothing to photograph. So I didn’t. I allowed myself the freedom to not feel joy that day.

Today, however, I woke to gigantic fluffy snow falling outside my window and rushed out to see if I could save those beautiful lanterns. Is it really only two days since I was capturing them being radiant in the afternoon sun? I have an idea for them and (if it works) they will constitute another Joy photo this week. For now, here is where they are to dry off:

DPP 2012 Day 8 - Garden Lanterns saved


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