Intuitive Storage Space

January 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

A wonderful thing happened a few months ago, I discovered Inspired Home Office and entered the wonderful world of Jennifer Hofmann. If you have a home office and would like it to be even more inspiring for your creativity, I encourage you to hop on over and check out IHO today, there’s some great energy going on!

A small drawer unit in my office was becoming a well-organized space and had a nice clean facade of unlabeled drawer fronts. After a few weeks of using intuitive memory to find the drawer that housed the item I was looking for, I decided labels could be a fun part of the look of the piece. Instead of plain typed labels I used a combination of fun fonts (hand written), wonderful colours and intuitive language to create labels that spoke to me of what had found its home inside each drawer.

Lower drawers

The lower three drawers in the unit.

Drawer Labels - Mind, Body, lightning bolt

Top drawers


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